About Variety

Variety, the Children’s Charity is a national not-for-profit organisation empowering children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs. All donor funds raised are directed back into the local communities of Australia.

Variety the children’s charity gives more than a million dollars worth of goods and services a month to children with special needs.

With the help of dedicated volunteers and generous individual and corporate supporters, Variety, the Children’s Charity is able to offer three core programs: freedom, care and future.

It’s through these programs that Variety, the Children’s Charity can deliver a unique range of goods and services to assist with the specific needs of individual children, across a diverse spectrum of physical, emotional and financial conditions.

Where does the money go?


The Variety Freedom program provides funding for mobility equipment, wheelchairs and Sunshine Coaches so that children can get out and about. Liberty Swings are donated to communities so children in wheelchairs or with various physical impairments can feel the joys of swinging — a simple pleasure that other children can often take for granted.

Future Kids

The Variety Future Kids Program provides children with special needs access to a computer to positively transform not only their academic performance but also their classroom experience.

Variety also helps with sporting trips, musical equipment and therapy and other items that help children with special needs improve their potential to learn.

Caring for Kids

The Variety Caring for Kids Program supports children’s health services including hospitals and specialized medical equipment and services.

Required equipment and medical services are often urgently required. Variety consults with professionals prior to purchasing the equipment, ensuring that the most adequate support is offered and that one hundred percent of every dollar we provide goes where it is most needed.

Variety helps provide a wide range of equipment ranging from incubators to monitors.

Variety at Work

This is the fun part!

Variety @ Work brings laughter into the lives of children who sometimes have little to smile about.

Variety’s volunteer committee plans events and activities for groups of disadvantaged or special needs children, small or large, allowing them to have wonderful experiences they wouldn’t normally be able to see or do.

These events can include football meet and greets, special lunches, boat cruises and the popular Variety Children’s Christmas Parties, which entertain over 20,000 children nationally each year.

Variety NSW’s 2010 Gifts

In 2010, Variety NSW granted 231 appeals across all programs totalling $2,258,488. These included:

  • $187,428 for hospital equipment, including equipment for the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick
  • $860,000 for 11 Sunshine Coaches, some with wheelchair modifications
  • $433,063 for wheelchairs and mobility devices
  • $284,343 for vehicular modifications
  • $162,670 for 8 Liberty Wheelchair Swings
  • $123,770 from the Bash for schools in rural and isolated communities in NSW and Queensland
  • $123,054 for communication and computer equipment for special needs children
  • $74,376 for walking frames and strollers
  • $26,816 for infant feeds and nappies
  • $29,944 for bathroom and bedroom equipment, such as commodes and specialised sleeping systems
  • $29,162 for life-like human hair wigs for children with alopecia
  • $27,470 for the scholarship program

In 2010, across Australia, over $12 million was given to help individual children, hospitals, schools, community groups and other charitable organizations.


Variety the Children’s Charity video

The story of Variety:

Three Stories – About Variety

Liberty Swing

If you haven’t seen a Liberty Swing, this helps you get a feel for what it looks like, and how it works. I’ve seen kids who have been on other swings before get a kick out of going on this – and how much more would that be for kids who had never had a chance to go on a swing before.

Help Kids Be Kids

Lisa Wilkinson talks about Variety:

Variety New South Wales is all about empowering children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn.


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